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Hello Friends,

As you might have heard, our dear friend Marcy Davy is undergoing brain surgery this Friday, January 11. In this turbulent time of emotions, I keep thinking of the positive impact she’s had on my life and so many people – whether through friendship, DIYpsi, or her artwork and business, All Things Grow.

I met Marcy in a printmaking studio over a decade ago. She has been an inspiration for me from that moment and has continued to help me push my creative boundaries each day.

If you have ever met Marcy, you probably know that her humble personality makes it difficult to complement her artwork and amazing talent, but I do know she cherishes knowing how her work touches people’s lives.

Would you take a moment to share something to help Marcy and her family in this difficult time? A reflection on how/what piece of her's has personally impacted your life or has meant to you may help lift her spirits. It could be as short as a couple of sentences.

All contributions will be printed on Thursday, January 10 at noon and presented to her family to share with Marcy. Your contribution can include photos and can be signed or anonymous.

If you would like to contribute, please email or DM message me by noon on Thursday.

Joel Panozzo