Charitable Donations

In January 2016, The Lunch Room began its "10% for the Community" program by donating to local nonprofits 10% of sales on Saturday nights at the restaurant. We later added 10% of sales all day Tuesdays at The Lunch Room Bakery & Cafe. This program continued through the summer of 2017. At that time, we began thinking about ways to make our giving more targeted and more impactful. We decided that we wanted to focus on helping young people getting out of prison to get back on their feet. 

In June 2017 The Lunch Room teamed up with local prisoner rights attorneys and advocates to start a nonprofit called Youth Justice Fund.

The mission of the Youth Justice Fund (YJF) is to assist returning citizens, sentenced as youth to a term of imprisonment, with services and resources necessary to ensure human dignity and full participation in their communities. 

YJF helps provide formerly incarcerated persons, some locked up as young as 14 years old and many of whom are still young, with housing, clothing, transportation, job placement, mental health services, and the like.

Our business now supports the Youth Justice Fund by paying the salary of its staffer, and by hiring returning citizens. 

Recovery is good business

Ongoing Support

Since our days as a food cart, we have supported the following organizations with monetary and in-kind contributions.

At this point, all of our charitable giving is focused on Youth Justice Fund. Thank you!